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Tree Planting - Tutbury Mill - November 2012

Members of Tutbury in Bloom with like minded volunteers joined forces on Saturday 10th November to celebrate the Royal Horticultural Society  ‘Dig Together Day 2012’ by planting over 130 trees on the Tutbury Mill Site.

The Tutbury in Bloom Team had successfully applied to the Woodland Trust who supplied the trees free as a way of celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Over a dozen volunteers took part in the tree planting and at the end of a lovely autumn morning the 130 trees which included wild cherry, alder, buckthorn, hazel, spindle, common oak,  hawthorn, blackthorn, rowan and silver birch had all been planted with protectors to help keep the rabbits at bay.

The In Bloom Team hope that members of the public who visit the Tutbury Mill Site will keep an eye on the newly planted trees, and when grown in a few years time, that they will be seen as a permanent reminder of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations that have taken place in Tutbury.

Liz Staples Chairman of Tutbury in Bloom.

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