Tutbury in Bloom 2016

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Representatives from Tutbury in Bloom Cllr Liz Staples, Janice Sherratt and Malcolm Wardle attended the Heart of England Awards Ceremony held at Drayton Manor Park today to find out how Tutbury had done in the 2013  Campaign.

The Tutbury in Bloom Team had been hoping to improve on the  Silver Gilt which they had been awarded in 2011 and 2012.

A great of hard work has taken place this year by the team, from bulb planting to litter picks, organising a Hanging Basket Competition to work on the flower beds in Holts Lane and in the Church Yard by the War Memorial.

All the hard work by the Tutbury In Bloom Team has paid off and the Team were overjoyed when it was announced that Tutbury has finally been awarded   GOLD  .

Cllr Liz Staples Chairman would like to take the opportunity to thank the Team Members for all they have done in the last year and all the organisations in Tutbury who have contributed to this award.

Cllr Liz Staples Chairman

Tutbury in Bloom 2013 Awards - 12th September

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“Gold Award” Copies

For Tutbury In Bloom partner organisations who would like to display a copy of this award click here for a high quality PDF to print.
If you do not have the necessary printing facilities please contact the Committee to get one printed for you.

Malcolm Wardle, Cllr Liz Staples, Janice Sherratt after the awards ceremony

Heart of England in Bloom President Les Goodman presents the Gold Award to
Tutbury's "In Bloom" Chairman Cllr Liz Staples

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