Tutbury in Bloom 2016

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Small Town Category

Judges: Nicola Clarke and Mike Garwood

The judges were met on their arrival in Tutbury at Yet Olde Dog and Partridge by the Bloom Committee, where a welcome presentation was given.  A drive up the High Street took us to the small and local Tutbury Museum.  On from there we made a stop at the Community Garden and Holts Lane bus stop which are both tended by local residents.  The tour then took us on to a very informative and interesting visit to the Castle.  The church was our next stop where we me the volunteers doing the inspiring work at Tutbury War Memorial and then on to view the popular allotment site, from where we made our way to Tutbury Fire Station and a drive past the Tutbury carpet  bed and new planting on the roundabout, terminating our tour in the Town centre.

Areas of achievement:

Areas of Improvement:

Tutbury in Bloom 2013 - Judges Comments

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