Tutbury in Bloom 2016

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Meeting to be held on 16th January 2013 at Tutbury Institute 7.30pm.

AGM Agenda

1. Apologies.

2. First AGM so no previous minutes

3. Chairman’s Report

4. Election of Officers- Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

5. Date of Next Meeting

Agenda for Ordinary Meeting following the AGM

1. Apologies

2. Agree minutes of meeting held on 3rd October 2012

3. Feedback on bulb planting, tree planting and litterpick

4. Next Steps

5. AOB

6. Date of next meeting


Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 16th January 2013 at Tutbury Institute.

  1. In attendance Liz Staples, Malcolm Wardle, Janice Sherratt, Sue Norris, Paul Nicholas, Jane and Rick Nuth, Emma and Brian Wright, Stephen Keene, Pat Guest.

    Warm welcome to Emma and Brian Wright.

    Apologies from Terry Screaton,
  2. Minutes of meeting held on 3rd October 2012 agreed.
  3. Joint bulb planting with Civic Society on 27th October 2012 had gone well with article in Burton Mail. Litter pick on 2nd December also a success with a good turnout. Tree planting on 10th November also successful with new members joining, so all the advertising of the team’s activities beginning to be successful. There are still some whips left so Pat Guest will be liaising with Sue Norris and Paul Nicholas from Civic Society as to best place for them to be planted. However before considering such a venture again need to consider sites and cost. Whips might be free but tree guards etc are not.
  4. Discussion took place over next steps. Theme for this year is Herbs. May be free seeds available, Malcolm reported that the Local Residents Ass are constructing raised beds which will be for community use.

    Suggestions were made by Janice for a Herb Recipe Book that school children could design cover/logo and the Mayor could judge the best recipe. Others that Hanging Basket competition be run again with herbs/edible flowers the theme. Recycling figures for school and Tutbury need to be obtained for portfolio. Judging route suggestions were made to include Tutbury Station as volunteers now maintain the garden. Working parties need to be organised for Holts Lane. Next litter pick to take place on 6th April meet 2pm in Duke Street car park.  
  5. As above
  6. Next meeting to be held at 7.30 on Wednesday 13th March at the Institute

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

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Meeting 16th January 2013