Tutbury in Bloom 2016

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Meeting to be held on 13th March 2013 at the Institute starting 7.30pm.


1. Apologies.

2. Agree Minutes of meeting held on 16th January 2013

3. Date for In Bloom Judging

4. Local In Bloom Seminar

5. In Bloom Spring Seminar in Cheltenham

6. Judging Route

7. Hanging Basket/Recipe Book Competitions

8. AOB

9. Date of Next Meeting


Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 13th March 2013 at Tutbury Institute.

  1. In attendance Liz Staples, Sue Norris, Jane and Rick Nuth, Emma and Brian Wright, Terry Screaton.

Apologies from Janice Sherratt, Malcolm Wardle, Pat Guest, Stephen Keene.

  1. Minutes of meeting held on 13 March 2013 agreed.
  2. Date of In Bloom Judging to be 8th July. Rick and Jane are away on that date so Sue tasked with finding an alternative date.
  3. Sue and Liz reported back from local In Bloom Seminar held on 12 March. Need to get our judging date and route to ESBC as soon as possible so open spaces and street team can get on with ensuring the route is up to standard. Suggestion put forward to include the Fire Station on the route.
  4. No one attended the seminar in Cheltenham, but the theme this year is herbs and edible planting.
  5. Discussion took place over route but not finalised.
  6. Launch of this years entry into the 2013 Campaign to be a litter pick. This to take place on Saturday April 6 at 2 pm start at Duke St car park. Malcolm to bring pickers, Liz to ensure bags etc available

Invitations to  Burton Mail-done, Pete Steadman- not done. Mayor to be invited to officially launch our campaign- done. Invite Julie and Mike- not done.

  1. Discussion took place over organising a couple of working parties, to tidy up Holts Lane beds and possibly planting round the war memorial. Further discussions on organising the Hanging Basket Competition. Judging day 11th July start at 10 am-Mayor to be invited. 30th June cut off date for applications. From 6th May need posters and leaflets/application forms.

Liz to contact Mayor’s office and Jonathan Philips for posters etc.

  1. Date of next meeting to be Monday 15th April 2013.

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

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Meeting 13th March 2013