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Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 15th April 2013 at Tutbury Institute.

1. In attendance Liz Staples, Sue Norris, Emma and Brian Wright, Terry Screaton Paul Nicholas, Stephen Keene, Janice Sherratt and Malcolm Wardle.

2. Apologies from Rick and Jane Nuth

3. Minutes of meeting held on 13 March 2013 agreed.

4. Date of judging fixed on 22nd July at 10.am. Judges to be Mike Garwood and a lady.

5. Launch on 6th April 2013 by the Mayor as a litter pick great success, 13 adults and 2 children taking part, with Burton Mail report and Photo and on line on Burton TV News.

6. Scout Community Week offer discussed, with help for Holts Lane bed weeding and possibly a litter pick. Kevin Shaw from Scouts to get back to Liz to firm up proposals.

7. Judging Route reported to Borough Council so open spaces and landscapes team know where to concentrate work. Chairman reported island at top of by-pass is to be replanted, as this had been mentioned last year in the judges’ comments as needing attention. Suggested that 5 mins less needed at allotments and put in 5 mins for Fire Station visit, Bill Beck keen to be part of route. Plant stall to take place on Friday 17th May at village hall, between 6-8 pm. Flyers to be available to give out about Hanging Basket Competition.

8. Hanging Basket Competition, Posters and Flyers to be available for next meeting. Janice to again organise, Mayor been invited to judge. Same format as last year, Meet Mayor on Duke St Car park 10.am, judging route sorted out before hand, take photos at each entry, meet back at D & P for coffee for Mayor to make decision. Sponsorship for vouchers Chairman to organise from Hayes Fabrications (Cllr Stephen Smith).

9. Team agreed that the offer of free planters should be accepted; team noted that each planter would have to be adopted as would need watering on a regular basis. Chairman to liaise with Paul Steed about best place to have them installed. Suggestions included school wall, Mill Site wall and bridge in Bridge St.

10. Discussed possibility of entering Community Garden into separate Neighbourhood Section. Sue to organise school planting of the free seeds and will also liaise with Julie and Mike at the D&P. Suggested 20th July for a litter pick, finish back at church for coffee and cake.

11. Next meeting to be held on Monday 13 May 2013

Meeting finished at 9.15 pm.

Meeting to be held on 15th April 2013 at the Institute starting 8:00pm.


  1. Apologies.
  2. Agree Minutes of meeting held on 13 March 2013
  3. Date and time for In Bloom Judging
  4. Report of Launch on 6 April 2013
  5. Scout Community Week-Joint Projects
  6. Judging Route
  7. Hanging Basket Competition
  8. Free Planters
  9. AOB
  10. Date of Next Meeting


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Meeting 15th April 2013