Tutbury in Bloom 2016

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Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 1st August 2013 at Tutbury Institute.

1.In attendance Liz Staples Emma and Brian Wright, Sue and Philip Norris, Terry Screaton, Stephen Keene, Jane and Rick Nuth, and Bill Beck.

Apologies from Malcolm Wardle and Paul Nicholas

2. Minutes of meeting held on 27th June agreed.

3. Bill Beck was welcomed to the meeting and thanked for all his involvement with the In Bloom efforts. Notable that though the inclusion of the Fire Station had been a last minute decision how much the judges had enjoyed it. Agreed Bill would be kept up to date by email.

 Long discussion took place over Community Garden, working parties successful at the Community Garden, Holts Lane and Churchyard. Grateful to all the time and effort everyone put in. Agreed that finishing at the Leopard made it much more of a social time and will ensure this is repeated in future. Dates will have to be put in diary to tidy these areas up again before winter.

4.  Tutbury Music Festival again successful with the joint presence of In Bloom and Memorial Committee. All leaflets were given out and the gazebo did the job, it was a very sunny day, even if not a ‘pop up’ variety.

Have to consider having a stall at Glastutbury and also next year is Tutbury 925th Anniversary.

5. Hanging Basket Competition judging day went well with Liz and Janice, Mayor enjoyed himself but commented how many residents with excellent baskets had not entered the competition. Dog and Partridge again helped out with coffee and biscuits. Need to consider next year opening up the criteria to a ‘floral feature’. Paul Steed had said he would look into putting a definition together so we would have something to work to. Suggested the Open Gardens might want to run a garden competition.

6. Feedback on judging day was long and detailed. Suggestions about asking businesses to keep fronts tidy, discussions on spreading word about working parties and litter picks; noted that the same faces appear on photos. Rick had sent in detailed feedback on the need for timings to be kept to on the itinerary as much as possible, with individuals being briefed before hand on exact time available. Some flexibility still needed for judges. Open Gardens Committee have been awarded a grant by Tutbury Parish Council for 12 hanging baskets with reservoirs and a watering system. Wall planters have had many positive comments and Greg Finney has been helping Sue and Phil Norris with the watering. Committee agreed for the Chairman to send a letter of thanks to Gregg.

Burton TV something different on the day. Liz also noted we need to keep a photographic log of judging day, so need a volunteer on the day. Three press releases put out, (hanging baskets, working parties, litter picks) only one printed, but we did get a good write up when finally appeared in the Burton Mail. Rick does put all releases on the web site.

7. Awards Ceremony is on 12th September, we can send three delegates. Janice, Malcolm and Liz to attend. Sue will send on details when they arrive.

8. Members were interested in accepting the offer from the Mayor of an Insignia Evening. Liz to liaise with Mayor’s Secretary to find suitable dates.

9. No other business

10. Next meeting to be held on Thursday 19th September 2013 at 7.30pm

Meeting finished at 9.15 pm.

Meeting to be held on 1st August 2013 at the Institute starting 7:30pm.


1. Apologies.

2. Agree Minutes of meeting held on 27th June 2013

3. Working parties feed back

4. Tutbury Music Festival feed back

5. Hanging Basket Competition  Feed back

6. Judging Day Feed back

7. September Seminar

8. Invitation from the Mayor

9. AOB

10. Date of Next Meeting

Meeting 1st August 2013

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