Tutbury in Bloom 2016

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Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 21st November 2013 at Tutbury Institute.

1.In attendance Liz Staples, Emma and Brian Wright, Malcolm Wardle, Terry Screaton, Jane  and Rick Nuth, Pat Guest and Janice Sherratt

Apologies from Sue Norris and Paul Nicholas Stephen Keene

2. Minutes of meeting held on 19th September agreed.

3. Marking sheet discussed at great length as to how Tutbury could improve points. In Bloom Federation meeting also reported on. Borough Council keen to support more entries to In Bloom and the help should continue ‘in kind’ as before. With the centenary of the First World War in 2014, ESBC would likely to be purchasing poppy seeds and also perennial poppy plugs, Team to find suitable sites.  Chairman had discussed the Tutbury Bed with Paul Steed as to how this could be improved. Residents Association keen to continue with their raised bed project. 5 tier planters now available from ESBC if the group can come up with suggestions for suitable sites. Drawback is that the planters would have to be maintained and watered by volunteers.

4. Insignia Evening had gone well with all who attended saying how much they had enjoyed it. Chairman to write thank you letter.

5. Bulb planting took place on 26th October 2013 as a joint project with the Civic Society. Sun shone and the 50kg of bulbs were duly planted on the Burton Road approach and the tri-angle. The free crocus obtained by Sue Norris were planted in between the lavenders in the church yard by the Chairman. Point to note that bed has best clay or worst soil found. For further planting it will need a great deal of improvement.

Good publicity noted with article appearing in Burton Mail on 29th October.

6. Grant from County Council arrived. 12 hanging baskets now been filled and offered to businesses in Tutbury. High Street looking good, 11 wall planters have also been planted up and next year’s planters and hanging basket plants been ordered from BUDS. Second set of liners for wall planters will mean that these can be planted up in good time for a good display.

7. On future plans, do we wish to continue as a Team and enter Tutbury again. Feeling from Team was yes.

8.  The county wide In Bloom meeting to be held at Newcastle Borough Council on Wednesday 30th October, Malcolm Wardle attended, Newcastle were suggesting all the In Bloom entries round the county could become part of a Floral Trail. Malcolm also reported he had received a letter from Ron Dougan Ch. Exec. of Trent & Dove congratulating us on our GOLD.

Members want better planting on roundabout at bottom of by-pass. Won’t know till March Seminar what the theme for 2014 In Bloom is, suggested we may want to take part in Garden Olympics run by ESBC. Judging day itinerary must be much tighter on times, may want to start and finish at Village Hall in 2014. Reminder Tutbury Lights on 1st December and Litter pick to take place on 2nd December.

9. Next meeting to be held after AGM on Thursday 15th January 2014.

Meeting finished at 9.00 pm.

Meeting to be held on 21st November 2013 at the Institute starting 8:00pm.


1. Apologies.

2. Agree Minutes of meeting held on 26th October 2013

3. Marking Sheet- Spread sheet attached

4. Invitation from the Mayor-Feedback

5. Bulb planting and Working Party Feedback

6. Hanging Baskets and Wall Planters

7. Future plans

8. AOB

9. Date of Next Meeting


Meeting 21st November 2013

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