Tutbury in Bloom 2016

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10:00 Ye Olde Dog and Partridge

Arrival, refreshments and welcome presentation.

10:30 Drive up High Street

View the floral displays and shops in the High Street.

10:30 Tutbury Museum

Visit the museum and meet some of the Volunteers.

The itinerary below is the confirmed route for 2013 .

Clicking on the pictures will show a larger picture where available.

11:10 Drive down Park Lane and Castle Street

View residential gardens.

11:05 Holts Lane Bus Stop

View the shrub planting Looked after by local residents.

10:45 Wakefield Avenue Community Garden

Meet the residents who created the garden.

11:35 Tutbury Church

Visit the church, grounds and memorial

11:55 Allotments

Visit one of the village's popular allotment sites.

12:25 Town Centre

View the floral displays at local businesses.

12:20 Drive past and view the 'Tutbury' carpet bed and new planting on roundabout

12:15 Drive past the public car park and village hall and view Tutbury Fire Station

View permanent landscaping.

11:15 Tutbury Castle

Visit the castle and grounds

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Confirmed 2013 Route