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Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 15th January 2014 at Tutbury Institute.

Those Present;

Liz Staples, Jane Nuth, Rick Nuth, Sally Foord, Walter Foord, Stephen Keene, Pat Guest, Janice Sherratt, Sue Norris, Brian Wright, Emma Wright, Terry Screaton

Apologies; Malcolm Wardle, Paul Nicholas

The date for next years AGM has been set for Wednesday 14.1.15 at 7.30pm

The minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Feedback from the litter pick.

 It was a pleasant morning and there was a good attendance. Those who took part enjoyed it. One of the concerns was cigarette ends outside a particular property and an official complaint made to the Enforcement Team at the Borough Council.

Photos of the event have been forwarded to Rick.

We received some really great publicity from the Burton Mail for the bulb planting which will be fantastic for the portfolio.

Next Steps

In February we need to be considering the route for the judging. The Fire Station was a real success last time so would be good to include this year however the railings opposite really would benefit from painting - something to consider and they will be put onto the wish list for Mike Hovers.

The theme will be release in March and with the anniversary of the 1st World War it is likely that the Borough Counsel will be able to get hold of some poppy seeds. Good areas to consider planting these would be the School, Community Garden and Holts Lane bus stop.

Tutbury Border

The heathers are beginning to establish themselves and discussions with Paul Stead have involved leaving the heathers on place and planting the rest.

The borough council have offered some five tier planters to us and a thought might be to put one on the roundabout at the Hatton end of the bypass which the Borough Council would pay for however they would need to be watered.  The fire station did not seem too keen on taking one on for the front of the station. The point was raised that the white brick around the island was very dirty and really would benefit from a clean and would this be possible prior to judging.

The Fleam

The Environmental Agency have been looking into this as a community project and are looking at trying to make more of a feature out of the wooded area maybe a natural wild play area or walk. It has been agreed for plans to be drawn up to look at what can be done and at what cost. There has been much debate concerning the pipe from the Fleam and if it might be blocked and discussions are currently taking place.

As part of their work the Environments Agency have cut down some trees and they now need to be replace and so these will be planted on the mill site on the left hand side as you approach the Cricket Club.

Hanging Basket Competition

This year we may extend it to a floral feature however we need to get a definitive definition of what a floral feature is, it could include a tub, trough, hanging basket etc .... Paul Stead will be asked to help with the definition.

Following the hanging baskets that were given to local shops and businesses this year it is hopeful that they will purchase some replacements from us for the summer.

Judging Day - Venue

As the Dog and Partridge has now changed hands it might be a good idea to hire the small room at the community centre to take the judges to. Maybe light refreshments could be provided by the WI?  

Rick suggested that it would be a nice idea to have a photo display of the Open Gardens weekend for the judges to look at so they can see what we do. There are also two open gardens close by so if time allowed maybe there could be a short visit to these.

A discussion took place about the benefits of having representatives from local groups there on the day to talk to the judges about the community work they are involved in.

No decisions have been made as yet.

Any Other Business


Date of the next meeting;

5.3.14 @ 7.30pm at Tutbury Institute.


Meeting to be held on 15th January 2014 at Tutbury Institute 7.30pm.

Agenda for Ordinary Meeting following the AGM

1. Apologies

2. Agree minutes of meeting held on 21st November 2013

3. Feedback on litter pick

4. Next Steps

5. AOB

6. Date of next meeting

Meeting 15th January 2014 including AGM 2013

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