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Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 5th March 2014 at Tutbury Institute.

Those Present;

Liz Staples, Janice Sherratt, Brian Wright, Emma Wright, Malcolm Wardle, Rick Nuth, Sue Norris, Paul Nicholas

Apologies; Jane Nuth, Terry Screaton, Stephen Keene, Sally and Walter Foord

The minutes from the last meeting were agreed.

WASP Grant

The WASP money has been used to purchase banners. A total of 8 have been made with 1 saying "Sponsored by Tutbury Women's Institute" which will hang on the school railings.

Liz Staples has been in contact with Hayes who have sponsored the hanging basket competition and have made a donation of £100.

Treasurers Report

Current account £168

£100 cheque from Hayes

Total £268


These are no longer free. Reflex are able to produce smaller ones and 100 have been ordered at a cost of £28.

Federation Meeting

Here they were pushing for the inclusion of Community projects and we will be able to enter the community garden as a separate entry along with the "Adopt a station".

Judging Day - 28th July 2014

The small room at the village hall has been booked. We need to encourage local community groups to have displays concerning things that have been happening in the community.

Malcolm confirmed that the local residents association would fund the catering. An approximate cost of £100 was agreed in principal.

People to invite;

The National launch is 27.3.14. This is at Hampton in Arden and we are able to send delegates at a cost of £10 each. If you would like to attend, please let Sue know.

Tutbury launch will be on 29th March at the Community Garden. We will meet at 10am and the Mayor will be invited for 11am.

Planned Events;

29.3.14 - Launch of "In Bloom" 10am Tutbury Community Garden

5.4.14 - Holts Lane Bus Shelter tidy up - 10am

3.5.14 Litter pick - 10am Duke Street Car Park

Planned Route

Malcolm will book the Mini Bus.

It is suggested that the route is as follows;

Start at the Village Hall and walk past The Leopard to the Museum.

In the Mini Bus, progress up Wakefield Avenue, up Holts Lane, along Park Lane to the Castle, on to  the Church and then the allotments.  Drive down Monk Street to the Fire Station then up the Bypass coming back down Burton Street, along High Street and back to the Village Hall.

Tutbury Bed

Paul Stead is costing some work for the summer and all agreed that the heathers should stay as these are now taking hold and beginning to look good.

Hanging Basket Competition

Liz has produced a flyer for this which the committee will be asked to deliver in due course. This will be early June with

1) Best hanging basket / container by an adult resident

2) Best hanging basket / container by a younger resident (Under 18yrs)

3) Best hanging basket / container by a business

4) Most original use of a recycled container

Tuesday 15th July would be the best day for judging

Assets List

Hi Vis Vests


Self watering hanging baskets

12 winter and 12 summer baskets

22 liners for the wall baskets

Elms Lane

(Belmont Road - Green Lane)

This land is not owned by anyone.

A neighbourhood grant is available to improve this area and a team of volunteers will be brought in to do the work. Following that it will need to become a "Friends of Elm Lane" community involvement for any ongoing works.


The Scouts have been in contact regarding helping at the Community Garden however nothing further has been heard yet.

Tutbury VillageNews

"TIB" has had a mention in the latest edition.


Street furniture. We need to do an assessment of the street furniture and let Liz know the outcome so that improvements can be made. Brian and Emma Wright will do this.

Date of next meeting; 17.4.14 @ Tutbury Institute. 7.30pm

Close 9.20pm

Meeting to be held on 5th March 2014 at Tutbury Institute 8.00pm.


1. Apologies.

2. Agree minutes of meeting held on 15th January 2014

3. Chairman’s Report

Wasp grant for banners

Sponsorship by Hayes Engineering ( Hanging Basket Competition)

Sponsorship by Tachos Limited (badges)

Report of Federation Meeting

Date of Judging Day 28th July 2014

4. Launch of In Bloom

5. Route Discussion

6. Hanging Basket/Floral Feature Competition

7. Working party and litter picking  dates to be set

8. AOB

9. Date of next meeting


Meeting 5th March 2014

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