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Meeting 14th May 2014

Meeting to be held on 14th May 2014 at Tutbury Institute 8:00pm.


1. Apologies.

2. Agree minutes of meeting held on 17th April 2014

3. Chairman’s Report

Report on Litter Pick 3rd May

Report on Working party at Holts Lane 7th May

Invitations to lunch - report

Street furniture- Parish Council

Tutbury Scouts-2nd June

925 Church Anniversary

4. Treasurers report

5. Hanging Basket/Floral Feature Competition – posters and fliers delivery

6. Further Working party and litter picking  dates to be set

7. AOB

8. Date of next meeting

 Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 14th May 2014 at Tutbury Institute.

Those Present;

Liz Staples, Paul Nicholas, Pat Guest, Stephen Keene, Brian and Emma Wright, Rick and Jane Nuth.


Sue Norris, Terry Screaton

Holts Lane Working Party

It was noted that gaps are appearing in places. Liz has seen Paul Steed and he has given us some Lavender and Fuchsias, some of which have been used at the community Garden.


These have not been successful at the Community Garden so we will have to see how these go at Holts Lane

Theme - Growing for Gold

Liz has some sunflowers growing at home and the judges would like to see some acknowledgement towards the growing for gold theme. The sunflowers will continue to grow and it would be a good idea to buy some marigolds for the Community Garden and Holts Lane.      

Invitations to the Judging Day Lunch

• Kaz from The Leopard - Yes

• Lesley Smith - Yes

• Local Vocals - Yes

• Scouts - To invite

• Bill Beck - Yet to reply

• Janet Rains - Yes

• Parish Council - Yes

• WI - Yet to reply

• Civic Society - Yet to reply

• Tutbury Museum - Yes

• Flower Club - To invite

• Steven at Hayes - Yes

• Bob Fraser - Yet to invite

• Graham Morgan - Yet to invite

• Arthur Tipper - To Invite

• Peveril - Yet to invite

• B&Q Reps - Yet to be invited

It would be nice for there to be a list of attendees on the day.

Street Furniture

The Parish Council have agreed to tidy / refurbish the benches at The Triangle and the rubbish bins have been replaced on the High Street.

Tutbury Scouts - Community Week

This is being sponsored by B&Q. Monday 2nd June they will be helping at The Community Garden from 6.30pm - 8pm. It has been asked that only he leaders and cubs and Scouts attend.

925 Festival

It was agreed that we would produce a card for the Church celebrations.

Treasurers Report

No more money has been spent. The badges have been delivered and paid for at a cost of £28

Hanging Basket Competition

The posters and flyers have been produced. A discussion took place about who was delivering and where.

Working Parties

The following dates were agreed;

• Thursday 19th June Working Party at The community Garden @ 6.30pm / 7pm

• Thursday 24th July Working Party at The Community Garden @ 6.30pm / 7pm

• Saturday 26th July Working Party at Holts Lane @ 9am

• Sunday 27th July litter pick @ 3pm Duke Street Car Park

Open Gardens

It was agreed that we can not commit to this due to lack of people.

Photos for Itinerary

Liz will source these.

Wildflower Meadow at Richard Wakefield School

This is in need of some attention. Maybe we could plant some wild flowers or sun flowers.

Tutbury Bed

Liz has spoken to the relevant people to say that it needs sorting.


The plants for the school wall are growing and also enough for 12 hanging baskets

Any Other Business

Rick has redone the Website and this is up and running for people to view.

Date of next meeting

19th June following the working party


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