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Meeting 14th May 2014

Meeting to be held on 19th June 2014 at Tutbury Institute 8:00pm.


1. Apologies.

2. Agree minutes of meeting held on 19th May 2014

3. Chairman’s Report

Report on Tutbury Scouts-2nd June

Hanging Baskets from Tutbury Open Gardens

Community Gardening Awards Scheme

Friends of Elms Lane  - next meeting

Invitations to lunch - report

Street furniture- Parish Council

925 Church Anniversary


4. Treasurers report

5. Floral Feature Competition – posters and fliers delivery - report

6. Itinerary and Judging Day - logistics

7. AOB

8. Date of next meeting

 Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 19th June 2014 at Tutbury Institute.

Those Present;

Liz Staples, Janice Sherratt, Rick Nuth, Jane Nuth, Malcolm Wardle, Pat Guest, Terry Screaton

Emma Wright, Brian Wright


Paul Nicholas, Sue Norris, Sally Foord, Walter Foord, Stephen Keene

The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed and signed.

Community Garden

The Cubs have recently helped with weeding etc... a lot was achieved on the night.

Hanging Baskets

Several have been sold and it is pleasing that one of the new businesses, the tattoo parlour is taking part along with Bonnita, The Leopard and the village hall.

For the competition the Mayor will be judging and he will be met at The Dog & Partridge at 10am and return there for coffee.

Community Gardens Awards Meeting.

These awards look at local community gardening in East Staffordshire and we could enter our Community Garden, the Holts Lane bus stop and the War Memorial. Entry is free we just need to contact Paul Stead. All agreed that we should enter.

Friends of Elms Lane

The Parish Council are working with the County Council on this. The County Council will not allow the Parish Council to take it over however they encourage local input to look after it. There is a meeting on 9th July at Tutbury Institute to discuss this further.

Invites to Lunch on Judging Day

We have had a lot of replies and James Smith will be attending from Peveril Homes. There will be approx 40 people there on the day.

Street Furniture

The Parish Council have agreed to repair the benches in the area in front of the Castle driveway.

925 Card

This has now been made and is ready to hand in at the church.

Treasurers Report

£168 in the bank with a further £90 to add from the hanging baskets.

Floral Feature Competition

All of the leaflets have now been delivered and so far there have been entries from all categories.

Tutbury Bed

Liz has contacted Paul Steads boss over the bed and they have agreed that it will be planted however nothing has happened yet. They planting will be replaced with marigolds. It has been agreed that the contractors will be supervised closely as there has been concerns over the quality of work in the past.


We now have 10. 6 are for the by-pass, one will go at the top and the one placed at the school will be the WI banner. There will be one put on the railings of the Community Garden. Pat guest will ask if we can place a banner on the fence at the hatton end of the by-pass.

Judging Day Logistics

The judges will arrive at approx 09.45 ready for 10am start to depart at 10.30 for the tour. We will need to offer tea and biscuits. They will arrive back at the hall at 12.30.

Rick will make up a name board with the names of the organisations on so everyone knows who is represented. There will also be some name badges.

Jane and Rick will be the "meet and greet" team.

We will need to cone off a parking area for the Mayor.

The bus has been booked for 10am

Amy Cunningham from ESBC will talk to the judges about recycling.

A series of new photographs will be taken for the portfolio.

Meeting close 21.30

Next meeting Thursday 17th July at 7.30pm

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