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Meeting 17th July 2014

Meeting to be held on 17th July 2014 at Tutbury Institute 7:30 pm.


1. Apologies.

2. Agree minutes of meeting held on 19t June 2014

3. Chairman’s Report

Hanging Baskets from Tutbury Open Gardens

Community Gardening Awards Scheme – entered Community Garden, War Memorial and Holts Lane as suggested

Friends of Elms Lane  - report of 1st meeting

Invitations to lunch - report

Street furniture- Parish Council

925 Church Anniversary and Open Gardens


4. Treasurers report

5. Floral Feature Competition – report of day

6. Working party dates and litter picks

7. Itinerary and Judging Day – logistics, portfolio, press releases

8. AOB

9. Date of next meeting

 Minutes of Tutbury in Bloom Meeting held on 17th July 2014 at Tutbury Institute.

Those Present                                                                                                                                            

Liz Staples, Rick & Jane Nuth, Pat Guest, Brian & Emma Wright, Terry Screaton, Janice Sherratt, Bill Beck.


Sue Norris, Malcolm Wardle, Paul Nicholas, Sally and Walter Foord, Stephen King.

The minutes from the previous meeting were agreed.

Hanging Baskets - A total of 12 were sold however after a complaint from the Village Hall their money was refunded as the quality of the baskets was poor.

Community Garden Awards - Our entry has now been completed and submitted. We now are waiting to hear back on our progress.

Friends of Elm's Lane - Unfortunately nobody was available to attend the meeting however we have received a copy of the minutes. A summary of work has been completed and the Parish Council are now to obtain three quotes for the required work. Once these have been obtained the plan is to apply for Borough Council funding.

Judging Day Lunch Invites - A total of 50 people have confirmed their attendance. The winners of the floral feature competition have been invited and the plan is that they will be presented with their certificate from the Mayor.

Rick has made name badges for those who have been invited.

Liz has a box of Tutbury in Bloom badges that will be available on judging day.

The banners will be put up the Friday before judging day. There are 11 in total.

Street Furniture - The Parish Council have now repaired / renovated the benches on the triangle.     

Treasurers Report

Local Vocals - They have made a donation of £60.

We have £402 in the account £160 of this being from the sale of the hanging baskets.

Floral Feature Competition - We received 33 entries in total. Liz has compiled a letter for all of the winners. Liz has completed a press release for this.

Open Gardens / 925 Church Anniversary - These event have been a huge success.

Working Parties

24.7.14 @ 6.30 / 7pm - Community Garden

26.7.14 @ 6.30 / 7pm - Holts Lane Bus Stop

27.7.14 @ 3pm - Litter pick, meeting at Duke Street Car Park (A further one may be required to do the bypass) Liz will contact the Civic Society to ask for their help with this.

Itinerary - This has now been put together with timings to try and keep on track. Liz is meeting with Trudy with regards to any last minute work that needs to be completed. The street cleaners will also be out.

Portfolio - This is now finished and is being sent for printing.

Logistics of Judging Day

The key can be collected by Janice.

The judges will arrive at 9.45

We will have both the small and big room.

Seats will be provides for when the judges arrive.

On their return there will be a presentation and then the buffet will open.

Rick, Jane and Pat will act as greeters.

Date of next meeting - 3.9.14 @ 7.30pm at Tutbury Institute..

Meeting closed - 8.40pm

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