Tutbury in Bloom 2016

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Tutbury in Bloom 2014 - Paul Steed Award

Another Special Award went to Paul Steed who has provided so much help to Tutbury in Bloom. He was given:

Heart of England in Bloom Outstanding Achievement Award

The judges comments were:

Paul is East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Green Spaces Officer responsible for developing community horticultural projects, landscape design and delivering horticultural education and therapeutic horticulture work placements across the borough of East Staffordshire.

Part of his remit is also to enter Burton into the Bloom campaign and over the past few years he has worked tirelessly to help Burton achieve numerous Gold Awards and to continuously support the Heart of England in Bloom Campaign.

Paul has over twenty years of experience teaching gardening to students with learning difficulties and disabilities. As a qualified horticultural therapist he works with a large number of people across the Midlands developing and supporting horticultural therapy projects.

This is no more evident than in the work he carries out supporting and encouraging other ‘In Bloom’ groups across the Borough of East Staffordshire with their entries into the Heart of England In Bloom Campaign.

The HEIB committee are delighted to recognise his skills, enthusiasm and drive with this award.

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Congratulations and thank you to Paul from the Tutbury in Bloom team!

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